Armourshake (Eastern Canada)

Cambridge LT

Cambridge LT (Eastern Canada)

Crowne Slate

Crowne Slate (Eastern Canada)

Cambridge 30 (Eastern Canada)

RoofShake 40 (Eastern Canada)

Marathon 25 AR (Eastern Canada)

Marathon Ultra AR (Eastern Canada)

AM Heavy Duty

AM No. 15 Felt

Arctic Dry Sheathing

Armour Starter

ArmourGard Ice & Water Protector

ArmourGard Ice & Water Protector 1 SQ

ArmourGard Ice & Water Protector 36 IN

ArmourGard Ice & Water Protector 44 IN

GoldShield Ice & Water Protector

Hip & Ridge

Hip & Ridge 12 Ridge Cap Shingles

IKO SBS DeckBase 44

Kolamax 20

Leading Edge

Leading Edge Plus

Mineral Surface

No. 25 Glass Base Sheet

ProTecto Standard Ice & Water Protector

Roof-Fast 95 Base

Roof-Fast Base MA

Roof-Fast Cap

RoofGard-Cool Grey


StormShield Standard Ice and Water Protector


  Roof-Fast Cap

Roof-Fast is a low-slope roofing material that combines the polymer chemistry of commercial grade modified bitumen membranes with the self-adhesive characteristics of an ice and water protector and the beauty of a granule surfaced shingle.

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installation guide

Specs & Literature

  • Size: 7 m x 1 m (23' x 3.3')
  • Quantity per pallet: 20
  • Quantity Per Unit/Package: 1
  • Contents Per Unit/Package: 7 m (75.5 sq. ft.)
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ArmourGard Ice And Water Protector, Roof-Fast - Brampton
Mineral Surface Glass Fiber Base Modified Bitumen Rolled Roofing, Peel & Stick, Eave Protector

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