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Vapor Retarders

ArmourGard and IKO MVP vapour barrier products can be used over various types of roof decks such as steel, concrete or wood to control the flow of water vapour.

IKO M.V.P. (Modified Vapour Protector)

IKO MVP is a self-adhering membrane used over various types of roof decks such as steel, concrete or wood. This vapour retardant is composed of modified rubber asphalt with a top surface film of high density cross laminated polyethylene.

ArmourGard Vapour Retardant

A duplex vapour retardant composed of two layers of kraft paper bonded together with asphalt. Strands of fibreglass reinforcement are intertwined near each edge for added strength.This product is designed as a vapour retardant over various roof decks.

ArmourGard Vapour Barrier Adhesive

This is a specially engineered cutback asphalt that combines spreadability with a fast set time. The product is modified to improve elasticity and adhesion.

AquaBarrier Primer

IKO AquaBarrier Primer is a quick-drying, solvent-based primer for use with IKO roofing or AquaBarrier self-adhering membranes. It dries to a high tack, providing excellent adhesion properties during the application process.

IKO AquaBarrier II Primer

IKO AquaBarrier II Primer is a solvent-free quick setting two-component primer/adhesive for use with AquaBarrier AVB & FP self-adhesive membranes. It is suitable for use on substrates such as wood, EPS, gypsum board, masonry, concrete and metal.
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