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S.A.M. (Self Adhesive Membranes)

S.A.M. products are self-adhering membranes that can be used on substrates such as wood, insulation, gypsum board, masonry, concrete and metal.

Armourbond Flash

This product consists of durable, reinforcing mat of non-woven reinforced polyester that has been coated and permeated with Modiflex SBS bitumen to a thickness of approximately 2.5 mm (98 mils).

Armourbond 180

Armourbond 180 incorporates a non-woven reinforced polyester mat with superior waterproofing SBS modified bitumen to provide excellent base for the application of a heat-welded cap sheet.

IKO S.A.M. Primer

IKO S.A.M. (Self Adhesive Membrane) Primer is solvent-free quick setting two-component primer/adhesive. It is suitable for use on vertical substrates such as wood, EPS, gypsum board, masonry, concrete and metal.
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