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Cold-Applied Roofing

IKO Cold Gold Field Adhesive and IKO Cold Gold Flashing Cement are 100% solvent and VOC free polyurethane adhesives. The field adhesive is a single-component, moisture-cured cold applied adhesive. The flashing cement is a two part adhesive.

IKO Cold Gold Adhesive

IKO Cold Gold Adhesive is a solvent-free, single component, moisture-cured, cold-applied interply adhesive suitable for use with IKOTherm, Protectoboard, and Modiflex Base/Cap sheets.

AIKO Cold Gold Flashing Cement

IKO Cold Gold Flashing Cement consists of two components which are power mixed prior to use. IKO Cold Gold Flashing Cement is designed primarily to adhere IKO Modiflex modified bitumen membranes to steep/vertical surfaces.

Modiflex Cold Gold Base

IKO Modiflex Gold Base is constructed using a reinforcing mat of durable non-woven reinforced polyester, which is coated and impregnated with SBS modified bitumen to a thickness of approximately 2.2 mm (87 mils).
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