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Have I requested quotes from more than just one company?

Getting quotes from a few companies is always a good option. One recommended way to gain quality quotations is to use web services such as prosforhomes.com. These services are a very good way to gauge a company`s install capabilities and services because they are judged and rated by their own customers for you to review at your convenience.

I have received a few quotes now what and why does the price range from low to high and in some cases, a significant amount

Any company can charge a low rate for your roofing installation, and this is true when it comes to the opposite. Finding a company that will do exactly what is on the contract and per your discussions with the installer, and for the agreed price is different. The majority of the time, the cheapest quotations DO NOT live up to the contractual agreement and the company might or will cut corners in order to turn a profit. Ask yourself when dealing with a contractor or installer, will this person be available to come back if there is a problem or something does not live up to the agreed contract and price, and do I trust them. Go with your instincts when choosing your installer because they are better than you think!

Are my candidates certified and insured?

Does the installer have liability insurance, WSIB, Fall Arrest Certifications and has a metro/city licence? Remember, when you have contractors working on your property, they must be insured and have proper certifications in place for the work that they are performing. This guarantees that if any accidents were to happen on your property while they were installing your roof, you will not be liable or in a position in getting sued by anyone who might have been injured in the process.

How long have they been in business and do they have letters of recommendation or proof of quality work?

Ask how long they have been in business, if they have done work in your area before, and if so, can you look for yourself? Again, a web service like prosforhomes.com will have quality roofers and contractors with letters of recommendation already available for you to view, with a rating out of ten that has been averaged from all of their online reviews

Do I get a workmanship warranty and a receipt for my material warranty?

Ask if you will you get a receipt from the installer when the work is complete. This is very important for you to have the ability to obtain your material warranty from the manufacturer if there is a problem or defect with the material.

Do they make a good first impression and seem organized?

Did the salesman/installer look presentable and had firsthand knowledge of the products that they were selling? Did they have all of their pricing with them and do they have experience with other products including premium installs? This will help you determine the professionalism of the company before any work has been started or completed.

Did the salesman spend time explaining the specifics of my roof and explain in detail the costs attached?

Did the salesman/installer explain what is involved and had answers to your questions or concerns concerning different price points versus different product installs and if it would work well with your specific roof style/design? This is very important! If they constantly try to push you into the direction that they want you to be in for convenience for themselves and their employees, then chances are, they do the same with all of their customers.

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