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Ice and Water ~ A protective membrane that is applied to a smooth clean surface which prevents ice dams driving rain out leaks in problem areas. This product helps prolong the life of an average roof as well as protecting the surface in which the shingles lay.

Felt Paper(15lb, 30lb, etc) ~ A protective underlay which should be the bare minimum in any roofing project which requires stripping of old shingles or new construction. This product should not be used to replace an ice and water membrane. The numeric value (ex. 15 lb, 30 lb) represents the total weight of the material every 100 sq ft.

Three Tab Shingle (traditional) ~ On a three tab shingle, there are three seperate sections of seperation (or two splits in the shingle). This shingle is very "traditional" and is widely and most commonly used. This style is available in fibreglass and organic make-up. Warranty value can change depending on the profile of the product.

Organic vs. Fibreglass ~ One is NOT better than the other. Both products carry similar warranties and have been proven to be reliable especially in our northern climate.

Valley(s) ~ where to seperate sections of a roof join. This requires a special material, either matal or a torch down product with ice and water (recommended for proper closure). Shingles can be applied for either an open or closed valley. Both methods are effective (preference of the contractor/homeowner).

Fibreglass Shingles~ A fibreglass shingle(s) uses a fibreglass matting in the process of production. There is no difference in appearance compared to an organic shingle. The only difference between the two (for application purposes) is that you must use felt paper or ice and water protection on the etnire roof surface if the pitch of the roof is under 8 - 12 (8 " of rise for every 12" of horizontal run).

Organic Shingles ~ (Asphalt) - An organic shingle uses a felt paper matting in the production process. Organic shingles or asphalt, do not have any pitch requirements or specifications. This products material make-up has paved the way from the original product to better more reliable roofing products.

Chimney Flashing ~ Metal flashing that is used to waterproof around any existing chimney. If there is no flashing or the flashing is not properly installed, water/ moisture will get through. A chimney flashing kit consists of a front and back pan, two sides and steep flashings. The size of the kit will vary according to the size of the chimney. Wall Flashing - Metal flashing that is used to re-direct water away from a wall on to the roof. This prevents water from getting behind and underneath the shingles and gives the water a better path to travel down the eavestrough.

Ridge Vent ~ A vent that travels along the ridge lin of the roof. This provided the attic with maximum ventilation and eliminates the use for general roof vents. Do not mix ridge vent with any other type of ventilation because it will cross circulate and defeat the purpose of atleast one of the methods of ventilation.

Turbine ~ (Whirley Bird) ~ This is a wind driven ventilator that uses the soffit of the home to draw hot air out and fresh air in. This vent can be mixed with regular roof vents but is rendered useless without a well ventilated soffit.

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